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Nightmare before Halloween

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Nightmare before Halloween

Bài gửi by yuusan on Wed 31 Oct 2007 - 3:39

Title: Nightmare before Halloween
Summary: Everything is just a dream. No more…
Category: General (I don’t have time to think about this so… I just put general in category…^^”)
Author: Tien Nguyen (my real name ^^) Yuusan or Lazycat (my nicknames on internet, I have a lot of nicknames ^^”)
Ratting: K+ (Heh heh… K+ for some safety reasons^_^)
Warn: Nothing to warn ^_^”. Uhm…actually, this short fiction is not very scary, just a little bit (It for Halloween, remember?) but this fiction is not for who have weak heart…. If you read it and have a broken heart or can’t sleep or have nightmare…blah…blah…please, don’t kill me >.<(I’m scared too TT^TT, I’m not a brave girl…)
Please forgive me if there are so many mistakes and it not good enough >__< because this is the first time I wrote fiction in English (and it is almost my first fiction, too).
This is a gift fiction to:
+ My family: My mommy ^^, and my relatives.
+ My close friends: Dolls , Fanta (Thuy Linh), MiA café, Thuy Anh, Ngoc Linh(Keishiki), papa Thanh(Mr. Lonely), Huong tuoi(Nao-chan), Tran Bich Ngoc(Nuhoangbienxanh) ^^”….etc…
+ All my forum’s members.
Read and review.

.:Nightmare before Halloween:.

Dark….. It’s too dark in here… dark. I can’t see anything….

Where am I? How did I get here? There are a lot of questions in my head. I cannot remember anything…
I’m scared…. The dark always makes me scared, it makes me feel lonely.

I’m trying to come back to my home, I must find the way to get out of here…I need to…. but do I have a home to go back to? I don’t know. Is there anyone trying to find me? I don’t know. Is there anyone waiting for me to come back? I don’t know, I really don’t know. I just feel so cold… inside my heart.

I run, run and run. I want to come home, I will be safe there. I guess so.

I just run with my hope to find the way out….

I can’t run anymore. I’m so tired now, I need to stop.

I look forward, only dark. I turn my head. Behind me is nothing, just an endless black hole. Oh… there isn’t a way back? I want to get out of here.

My head hurts.

There must be someone around here.

I start to yell:

- Is anybody here?

- Anybody there???

No one answers me, no one, nobody is there to answer me, it is only me in this dark place.

-Help me!!!!


It is so quiet, I can’t hear anything else but my breath.


Nobody is here to help me, only me……



I cry. I’m so helpless. I can’t do anything without help. I’m weak. I can’t do anything….

I’m helpless. I feel empty. And I cry.

Wait! There is light!

I hope that is the way out.

I hope.

I tread on. I don’t care if it’s just an illusion. I just tread on because I hope I can get out of this scary place.

Yes, hope.

They said hope is awakes dreams, but I’m not very sure. Maybe we are all asleep. Or… maybe we don’t exist…..

I don’t care.

Someone’s there! It is a man. Maybe he can help me.

- Hey!!!!! – I yell.

No response.

- Hey!!!!!!!!!

He just walks away. It seems like he can’t hear me, maybe he is deaf. Maybe he is pretending he is.

- Wait for me!!

I run after him.

I smile.

I think he can help me to get out of here.

I’m so happy…

…Until I know the truth…..

Finally, he stops.

I look at him from behind.

He looks so familiar to me…. I’m wondering… who is he? Have I ever seen him before?

- You should not be here. You don’t belong to this place…. Go home. – He starts.

- But I don’t know how I got here….I don’t even know where am I? Could you please show me the way out?

- You are here… so… you are dead……

He makes me scared.

- What are you talking about? Stop kidding me! Why do you say that? Why don’t you help me to get out of here? I need to go home!

- …….

- Answer me, please.

- I can’t help you…. Because we are dead… they call this dark place “Hell”. In Hell… we don’t have anywhere to go, anywhere to stay, no where to turn….. We… we really don’t even exist…. We are just invisible souls…. No way out… we’re stuck here forever……

- You…you’re a liar… I’m… not dead…I’m not… it can’t happen to me!

- I would never lie to you, you know me, I’ll never lie to you… never.

- I don’t believe you, and I don’t know you!

- Why would I to lie to you, Sayu?

- Because….

Wait! He knows my name.

- Who are you?

- You still don’t remember me?

This voice…. I know this voice….

He turns his face to me…..

My eyes open wide. I can’t believe in my eyes. This can’t be true….It’s him…. It’s him….. He’s back….The one who I loved a lot and hated a lot….

No, this can’t be true! He died… in that accident…that horrible accident…..my fault….
I tried to forget him…but I can’t…I can’t do it....

- I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it! – I cry out

-You still don’t believe the truth?

- I’m not dead!

He laughs.

- If you are alive, how can you see me? You are dead!

He laughs.

I scream:

- Don’t say that to me!!!

He smiles at me…and tries to say something else…

- Don’t smile at me, don’t smile….I can’t breathe…Don’t say anything….I don’t want to hear your voice… it’s makes me hurt….I don’t want to see you, I don’t want….I want you to disappear, I want to forget you…I want to go home…

I close my eyes and repeat these words for a long time. I close my eyes…

If this is a dream then wake me up.

- All I want is to forget you….

He stands there, still there.

My tears fall down on my face. I’m crying…

- Please, let me forget you…. – I whisper.

If this is a dream, please wake me up.

I open my eyes.

He’s gone.

I’m lying on the bed.

It was just a dream.

I woke up.

I’m in my roo…

No, this is not my room!

This is not my home!


This is a large room, the wall is white, the small desk is white, this bed is white and even my clothes… everything in this room is white. This is a strange place….

Suddenly the door opens. A girl in white comes in. She looks nice. She smiles at me and says good morning.

- You look good today. It’s time to take your medicine, Sayu.

I ask:

- Excuse me but… where am I?

She sighs but still smiles at me.

- Three years have passed and every morning you just ask me the same question?
I don’t understand what’s happening….

- Three years? Are you sure? I don’t remember anything….

She does her work and answers me at the same time:

- Of course I’m sure.

- What’s the date today?

- Oh! I forgot it, Sayu. Today is Oct.31 2007. Happy Halloween! I will bring you some pumpkins and you can…

I don’t let her finish her sentence and yell:

- What??! You said what?

She looks at me, a little strange but she smiles and says:

-Don’t scream like that, Sayu, calm down. Every day you always act like that.

- Where am I?

She doesn’t answer me at first, she’s silent. She looks sad and then she says:

- Three years have passed, everyday I answer the same question for you. If I answer you, I know you will forget it when tomorrow comes…

- Please, I need to know, answer me!

She stands there, turns her face to me:

- Don’t be shocked, listen. I shouldn’t tell you this…this …is not good for you…but…okay, I will tell you. Three years ago, an accident happened to you and your… boyfriend…. He is dead but you are still alive, nobody can understand why it happened, not even you because it was a very horrible accident…. You were so shocked and…

- Just answer my question, please. Where am I?

- You are in…

- Am in where?

- The mental hospital...



.:Nightmare before Halloween:.
Written by Tien Nguyen(Yuusan or Lazycat)
A/N: Thanks for reading and please send your review. HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYBODY!!!

*cười thỏ non*

Cả nhà, nhận quà em nhá, ai từ chối là....

Đọc xong post review lên đây, đừng ai lẳng lặng đọc xong rồi chuồn không là...*sigh* " Dao yêu, lâu rồi em chưa được tắm máu đúng không, chậc, sắp có cơ hội rồi"

Có ai địng viết fic tặng em không nào? hix, chưa ai tặng mình bao giờ, buồn quá TT_TT

Uhm...đừng ai nói là không hiểu nhá, toàn dân chuyên đọc trên Fanfiction.net cả...không qua mắt tớ đâu...

Kar : Ko sử dụng màu đỏ khi không cần thiết ^ ^ . Vài dòng nhắn nhủ xin post chung luôn 1 bài , tách riêng thì sẽ là bài spam đấy

Được sửa bởi ngày Fri 2 Nov 2007 - 21:47; sửa lần 1.

I am not home now
My heart will always be there
I promise that I will come back

See you again

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Re: Nightmare before Halloween

Bài gửi by redxiii on Thu 1 Nov 2007 - 1:34

Nicely done ^ ^ Tiên viết truyện có năng khiếu nhỉ :D

Dưng mà cái này ít tình tiết kinh dị we ^ ^, kể ra thêm tý nước sốt cà chua kiểu thế này : " người đó từ từ ngước mắt lên, bất chợt con mắt rớt ra, để lộ 1 hốc mắt đen sâu thăm thẳm ko lối thoát như chính nơi này ... từng thớ thịt trên khuôn mặt chảy xuống làm lộ cả xương , từng đàn bọ nhung nhúc chạy qua chạy lại giữa 2 hốc má trên mặt hình thù đối diện ... :affraid: Nhưng, nhưng, sao nốt ruồi kia quen thế ? ánh mắt đó, mái tóc đó, giọng nói dó dường như mình gặp ở đâu rồi thì phải ??? ... "
thì chắc anh sợ thêm được 10 giây nữa :P :lol!:

mà khi nào có part 2 nhớ báo a nhá :D 🤡

Lính mới
Lính mới

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Re: Nightmare before Halloween

Bài gửi by Meo on Thu 1 Nov 2007 - 11:00

Yuu..*ôm ôm*..Yuu yêu của tớ XD///Yêu Yuu lắm cơ..
Uhm`. Lúc ngó cái title tớ nghĩ đến 1 mớ zombie, death, mummy cơ...
*kẻ hay ăn dưa bở..*
Fic thật sự chưa đủ horrible như cái style bình thường của Yuu...__ _"
End thật sự rất bất ngờ đấy XD////
Hunter ghost bao h ra lò..;;)
CN này có quà cho Yuu...:">
sr vì cái review siêu ngu này...Nhưng mà lúc ốm thì tớ ko có nghĩ được j` hết..Sẽ edit lúc hết ốm....

Super moderators
Super moderators

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Re: Nightmare before Halloween

Bài gửi by yuusan on Fri 2 Nov 2007 - 21:14

Meo yêu của tớ...

lần trước tớ chưa nhận được KB chap 3...lí do là sắp nhận hết rồi thì nó..rớit mạng....vì thế...ấy ...gửi lại cho tớ qua Yahoo mail cho nó chắc ăn nha....tớ năn nỉ bạn Meo mà....đừng đạp tớ nhá

cái vụ Ghost hunter đó...tớ mới nghĩ thôi, chưa viết Kb gì hết, có thời gian thì viết...

Đợi quà của Meo XD//

Mà meo ơi, ghost hunter chứ không phải hunters ghost...

Sorry vì lằm mấy ấy thất vọng, nhưng tớ không làm nó đáng sợ hơn được, lí do là tớ không biết mí từ đó tiếng anh là cái gì nên là.....

Kar : Spam có nghệ thuật XD

I am not home now
My heart will always be there
I promise that I will come back

See you again

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Re: Nightmare before Halloween

Bài gửi by Khách v on Fri 2 Nov 2007 - 22:01

Yuu yêu quý!!!!! Nhớ ấy quá cơ! Yêu ấy quá cơ.

Fic của ấy không đáng sợ như tớ tưởng, cứ nghĩ là cái phong cách bloody sẽ khiến Yuu viết về Vampire.

Tớ cứ nghĩ cái người đàn ông đó là thần chết, hay ít ra là quỷ. Dè đâu không phải.
Tớnghĩ cái ông đó sẽ khiến cô gái sợ hãi phát khiếp kìa.

Nói chung là tớ ăn dưa bở.

Nhưng không sao, đằng nào đến fic tiếng Việt tớ viết còn không ra hồn nữa là tiếng Anh. Nên, tớ ngưỡng mộ ấy.

Rep nhảm~~~
Khách v
Khách viếng thăm

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Re: Nightmare before Halloween

Bài gửi by Sponsored content

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